Mandy Schmall


CRT, Realtors

About Mandy Schmall

Mandy is an agent that values responsiveness, efficiency, delivering results and problem solving. She graduated from Otterbein University and most recently was an Operations Director for LBrands for 7 years managing a large team in Columbus & NYC and traveling the world. She then stepped away from corporate to start a family in Westerville where she currently lives with her husband, baby girl and the sweetest frenchie and golden retriever pups.

She has an unparalleled drive and passion for working with buyers and sellers, providing a best in class experience for her clients along their individual journeys.
She’s able to provide that elevated experience because of her successful corporate experience in a high pressure environment, with extremely fast timelines, constant collaboration, 24/7 responsiveness across time zones, multi-million dollar budget management and continuous problem solving for higher efficiency, speed and streamlining. So in fewer words, she is prepared.

In addition to helping clients realize their real estate dreams, Mandy loves being an active mama, remodeling her home, baking carbs & macarons and designing. She is personally passionate about healthy living, the environment, animal welfare and supporting local businesses. Most days you will find her with her family enjoying the sunshine at a local business in Uptown Westerville or in her own backyard.